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The First Day of Blogmas

December is finally here, and with it, the Blogmas and Christmas season is upon us! If you read my post back in early-ish November, you know that Christmas isn’t particularly my favorite time of the year. While I have fond memories of it as a child, as an adult the month has turned into a rather painful one.

But this year I am trying something different. Instead of getting all bummed out about Christmas and my imaginary/invisible children (yeah, that’s a thing… just go with it) I have decided to try to make the most of the holiday season.

First, Andrew has taken every Monday off this month, which is AMAZING since I tend to get really lonely and will certainly enjoy spending the extra time with him. He had the vacation days to use and since his new company works on a “use it or lose it” system, it only made sense for him to take the time off. Spacing it out each week allows him to enjoy his time instead of taking an entire week and being nervous about what’s waiting for him when he goes back.

Second, this is my first year participating in Blogmas. I’m even hosting a (fairly lenient) Blogmas: Naughty or Nice link up for anyone else who wants to join. My goal is to try to have just as many “nice” posts as “naughty” ones. That is – I am going to try to be joyful and in the Christmas spirit as much as possible, rather than grumpy and depressed. Now, I’ll admit the depression thing kind of works on its own accord without any care for what I want, but I am going to work extra hard at recognizing my triggers and practicing self care. After all, it is still also a goal of mine to start down the right path towards facing my fears and getting my anxiety and depression under control this year.

And finally, I am going to really work on getting out of the house, enjoying holiday activities, and not just falling into my normal “ugh, is it January yet?” routine. I went through a little pre-holiday blues period these past few weeks, so I am hoping to have gotten most of it out of my system. I’ve been watching Christmas movies these past few days, and I have to admit that even this small gesture has me feeling considerably better. I am looking forward to going out and seeing all the pretty lights and hopefully enjoying some time out in the snow – if it ever decides to snow. Andrew and I are even planning an international Christmas at home. Yes, I am aware that that makes absolutely no sense, but I’ll get to that in a later post.

For now, I am going to try to get a little cleaning done before the Blue Jackets play. I really hope we can make it to a game this season…

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