Blissful Lemon
Today marks the last day of my first full week of 100 Days of Code. It's also the final day of the MysticMail mobile app landing page!
Today was a productive day in the development of the MysticMail landing page. I was able to fix many of the issues that I had yesterday and even managed to add my JavaScript / jQuery script to validate the login information. Tomorrow I will be finishing this project up before adding it to my portfolio.
Day 5 of 100 was not the best. I'm still working on the MysticMail landing page and ran into a bit of a problem figuring out how to best set up my navigation menu to allow a separate area for alerts. Bootstrap and I are not friends today. My code duck and I will have to try harder to figure it out tomorrow.
MysticMail got a new hero image today, along with a slightly modified color layout (more changes to come soon).
Today I finished the layout and navigation for the MysticMail conceptual app landing page. It's going to be very colorful and fun, and I am extremely excited about it!