Blissful Lemon
I'm still struggling with learning Redux, but I'm so determined. As with learning anything complex, the key is to aim for one small piece at a time.
I completed the 'React for Web Designers' course today and claimed my certificate. Tomorrow I'll be moving back into the React section at FCC.
I'm back from my one-day break and making progress on this React for Web Designers course. I've finished the first project and plan to start the second tomorrow.
Today has been a bit of an adventure. I felt like Goldilocks as I bounced from React course to React course, trying to find one that was the right fit for me.
Sometimes I actually kind of love Mondays, especially when they turn out to be as productive and rewarding as today has been.
Today I flew into the land of Sparrow Photography as I began building a new portfolio website for this conceptual company, starting with a simple UI/UX design.
It has been a difficult day, but I am pushing through. I'm batting .500 with today's 100 Days of Code goals. Persistence and dedication are going to be key to rocking this challenge.