Blissful Lemon
Today I spent time on Bootstrap, jQuery, Sass, and JavaScript as I completed 3 FCC sections and some of the arcade challenges at CodeSignal (formerly CodeFights).
Today I finished my first bootstrap-less website from scratch.
Today I tackled a big chunk of the wedding invitation website, including a JavaScript/jQuery countdown timer, disabling and modifying elements using jQuery, and designing almost everything for the final release.
Round 1, Day 19 of 100 Days of Code was a big success with the completion of the Sparrow Photography portfolio website.
The Sparrow Photography portfolio is taking flight! I've made a ton of progress and pushed it to GitHub.
Today marks the last day of my first full week of 100 Days of Code. It's also the final day of the MysticMail mobile app landing page!
Today was a productive day in the development of the MysticMail landing page. I was able to fix many of the issues that I had yesterday and even managed to add my JavaScript / jQuery script to validate the login information. Tomorrow I will be finishing this project up before adding it to my portfolio.