Blissful Lemon
Today I started building the second front-end libraries project - the markdown previewer. I'll be using HTML, SCSS, JavaScript, and React for this project.
It has been a stormy weekend so far, but I'm taking advantage of the rainy weather by spending time indoors coding. I'm already halfway through the second 'React for Web Designers' project.
This might be one of the shortest updates yet. I've been working on the React for Web Designers course this afternoon and I would rather spend the little time that I have remaining on that.
Today has been a bit of an adventure. I felt like Goldilocks as I bounced from React course to React course, trying to find one that was the right fit for me.
I've finished up my exploration of ES6 (again), learned a ton about NPM, and have begun working on a new React course.
spent a little over an hour learning about some of the other features of ES6, including the for...of loop, Generators, and Symbols.
I'm exploring more of the concepts and features of ES6 today so I can get a better understanding and mastery of it moving forward.
I felt a bit like Alice before she made it into Wonderland as I went down, down, down the rabbit hole today.
I am exploring the concepts of refactoring and creating multiple solutions for a single challenge.
I'm down to just one JavaScript project remaining before I am able to claim my certificate. 😲