Blissful Lemon
Now that Summer is almost over, it's time for a postmortem review of my Summer of Code, including what I learned, my frustrations, what I enjoyed, and what I plan to do differently next time. Read more at
After four long weeks, the Animalien Invaders 2D laser defender / vertical shooter game is finally complete. And with it, so is my Summer of Code 2019 adventure. I added a ton of new features to the game this week, tying it all together into one pretty little package. Read more at
The Animalien Invaders game is almost complete! This week we added new paths, enemy waves, and a health and damage system so firing missles actually does something. Read more at
The Animalien Invaders laser defender game is progressing with a missile firing system for the player, enemy movement along paths, and enemy wave configuration. Read more at
It's week 5 of Summer of Code 2019. This week, I started developing Animalien Invaders, a 2d laser defender game in Unity. Read more at
It's time for a few more levels, audio, improved gameplay experience, and all the other finishing touches for the Summer Break block breaker game. Read more at
It's week 3 of Summer of Code 2019. This week, I started developing a summer-themed classic arcade block breaker game in Unity. It features 2D colliders, triggers, rigidbody components, and more! Read more at
Week 1 of my Summer of Code was a success! It included a great refresher of C#, Unity, and Visual Studio before moving into my first text-based C# game. Follow this and the rest of my game development journey at
Join the Summer of Code 2019 challenge as I learn how to create 2D games using C# and Unity. Learn more at