Blissful Lemon
I am exploring the concepts of refactoring and creating multiple solutions for a single challenge.
I've moved on from ES6 and into regular expressions (regex), but I'm not ready to completely give up on ES6 yet. I'll get it someday.
Today was a bit of a bust, but I learned a bit and did a much better job of taking notes so I can review the material later on.
How do you turn spaghetti and meatballs into cupcakes? I don't know, but I just did. I finished and ditched my JavaScript ES6 study and have moved back to the Free Code Camp product landing page project.
I finished modifying my code snippets, despite the fact that WordPress seems to have a mind of its own. I also reached the end of my journey with Codecademy. Read the post to find out why.
The thing you have to remember when coding, or living in the world of technology, is that just when you think you've begun to master something, there's probably a new standard or component that you know nothing about.