Blissful Lemon
I started the drum machine project yesterday and continued working on it this morning. Like the last project, I am using HTML, SCSS, JavaScript, and React.
Today I started building the second front-end libraries project - the markdown previewer. I'll be using HTML, SCSS, JavaScript, and React for this project.
The Random Quote Generator v1.0 is now complete! I plan to make a few improvements later, but for now it has passed all of the tests and is good to go.
I started on the first front-end libraries project. It's a simple quote generator that allows you to press a "new quote" button to display a new quote.
The second 'React For Web Designers' project is complete!
Today I spent time on Bootstrap, jQuery, Sass, and JavaScript as I completed 3 FCC sections and some of the arcade challenges at CodeSignal (formerly CodeFights).
I'm back at it again with JavaScript! Plus, I've posted my CSS so everyone can see what goes into customizing a Wordpress theme to make it truly your own (hint: it's a lot).
Today I played around with regular expressions a little more, explored JavaScript debugging, and started watching some CSS short videos to keep it fresh in my mind as I continue working with JavaScript. All in all, it has been a very successful day.
I finished my 6th and final project and claimed my Free Code Camp Responsive Web Design Certification! I am happy and proud of myself for finishing this milestone, but I am also extremely eager to move on to the next section and keep working.
I tried to break the internet with a pound sign... well, maybe not the internet. But my recently complete FCC portfolio project wasn't happy.