Blissful Lemon
I finished my 6th and final project and claimed my Free Code Camp Responsive Web Design Certification! I am happy and proud of myself for finishing this milestone, but I am also extremely eager to move on to the next section and keep working.
I tried to break the internet with a pound sign... well, maybe not the internet. But my recently complete FCC portfolio project wasn't happy.
There are just TWO projects left to complete before I can claim my Free Code Camp Responsive Web Design Certification! I'm really proud of what I accomplished with the Dream Cakes landing page, especially being that this was my first project using flexboxes (and I am pretty sure I rocked it).
It was a busy day but definitely worth it. I added even more functionality to the Color Helper application from last week and got started on the next FCC project.
Another one bites the dust! I finished a Survey Form for Free Code Camp and am one step closer to that Responsive Web Design certification.