Blissful Lemon
It's nearly impossible to be productive when you feel overwhelmed. Time seems to simultaneously speed up and stop completely as you think you will never finish everything on your list, yet somehow the day will never end. You can't actually stop the clock, but fortunately for you, there are some things you can do to help ease your stress and increase your productivity. With a few simple tricks, you can learn how to be productive when you are overwhelmed. Read more at
To celebrate my birthday, I'm uncovering 31 facts about who I am and the life I've lived so far! Learn all about my loves, fears, and dreams, as well as a few darker aspects of my identity.
I completed the 'React for Web Designers' course today and claimed my certificate. Tomorrow I'll be moving back into the React section at FCC.
I have finally earned my JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures certification from Free Code Camp, as well as the CCA JavaScript Level 1 certificate. I've also gotten lost inside one of my favorite nonfiction books that I've ever read.
Anxiety Brain Is A Paranoid Drama Queen - This post addresses the reality of living with anxiety and depression and how it affects me and others living with these cruel illnesses. Read more at