Blissful Lemon
I have finally earned my JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures certification from Free Code Camp, as well as the CCA JavaScript Level 1 certificate. I've also gotten lost inside one of my favorite nonfiction books that I've ever read.
I'm down to just one JavaScript project remaining before I am able to claim my certificate. 😲
I finally finished the ES6 section* and remaining JavaScript algorithms! I'm so excited to finally be ready to start on the projects tomorrow.
I'm getting back on track today after taking a somewhat unplanned break yesterday. I finished a few more of the intermediate algorithms in JavaScript and think I'm getting close to figuring out another.
Today was a bit unsuccessful. I didn't make as much progress as I wanted, but I will continue working on the algorithms and ES6 section while on the road tomorrow.
There are just 5 algorithm challenges left to go and I'm more than halfway through the ES6 challenges. That's proof that you don't have to be perfect to keep moving forward.
I gave myself a time-based goal instead of a task-based goal, and the results were surprising.
I'm really getting deep into the world of JavaScript now. Today was all about JavaScript objects, even more arrays, and basic algorithm scripting.