Blissful Lemon
Today I finished my first bootstrap-less website from scratch.
Today I tackled a big chunk of the wedding invitation website, including a JavaScript/jQuery countdown timer, disabling and modifying elements using jQuery, and designing almost everything for the final release.
Today was all about the wedding invitation website for 30 Days, 30 Sites. I am faced with some important design decisions and on the fence about what approach to take.
It's day 20! I'm jumping right into the next 30 Days, 30 Sites challenge and creating an interactive wedding invitation.
The Sparrow Photography portfolio is taking flight! I've made a ton of progress and pushed it to GitHub.
What do you think of my 100 Days of Code updates? Let me know in the comments!
Today I flew into the land of Sparrow Photography as I began building a new portfolio website for this conceptual company, starting with a simple UI/UX design.
It's Day 12 of 100 Days to Code, and I am mixing things up a bit by discussing my goals for next week as well as progress with the JavaScript challenges from freeCodeCamp.
HTML and CSS have become almost too easy for me, so today I am discussing my plans to move on to something more difficult. I took on some of the freeCodeCamp challenges and can't wait to try some of the intermediate and advanced tasks.