Blissful Lemon
Today I started building the second front-end libraries project - the markdown previewer. I'll be using HTML, SCSS, JavaScript, and React for this project.
The Random Quote Generator v1.0 is now complete! I plan to make a few improvements later, but for now it has passed all of the tests and is good to go.
I started on the first front-end libraries project. It's a simple quote generator that allows you to press a "new quote" button to display a new quote.
I have finished the last React and Redux challenges at Free Code Camp! Tomorrow I will be able to test my skills on the Front End Libraries projects.
100 Days of Code, Day 84
I finally remembered what it feels like to be burnt out. I completed my coding for the day, so now I want to share my proven technique for getting past it.
I'm still struggling with learning Redux, but I'm so determined. As with learning anything complex, the key is to aim for one small piece at a time.
New Challenges & Self-Care: August 2018
I hit a bit of a snag in learning Redux with the Free Code Camp challenges. So now I am taking a step back to begin a Redux course at and will supplement that with additional reading.
Today, I started learning about Redux, a predictable state container that can be used with JavaScript and React.js apps. I have learned some of the basics about Redux, including actions, reducers, the Redux store, and some of its methods.