Woahhhh, We’re Halfway There!

If that song is not stuck in your head now, I’m not so sure we can be friends. Just kidding! We can still be friends as long as you don’t mind my outdated music references. It’s Wednesday. It’s raining. And my brain smells like bacon. Feels like bacon. Tastes like bacon? My brain is fried. So, how ’bout a few updates? Reading: Glass Sword I’m about halfway done listening to Glass Sword. It is taking me a lot longer than usual to get through the book because I have been ... Read More
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Why You Should Never Ask Your Teacher, “When Will I Ever Use This?”

Tomorrow is the big day (or at least the first of many). I’ll be facing my anxiety and fears and venturing out for my aptitude test and (hopefully) preliminary interview. This is for a company that I have wanted to work for since moving to Ohio, so it would really mean a lot if I got the position. But before I can even score an interview, I have to prove that I am at least somewhat intelligent and/or capable of learning. I’m talking, of course, about this three-part aptitude assessment. ... Read More
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Mud Man Is Missing!

Less than a month after moving to Ohio from sunny, far-too-warm-and-humid Georgia, Andrew and I found a small figurine caked in mud and who knows how many months or years worth of dirt and grime. Mud Man, as he was so aptly named, took up residence on our deck railing, where after a few rain storms, he began to look at least halfway decent. Within just a few weeks, Mud Man became an important member of our family. We began going on adventures, cooking together, and even the dogs took ... Read More
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Remind Me To Hire A Personal Shopper…

If I had known that I would be so busy today, I may have chosen to spend considerably more time blogging yesterday. I planned on spending only a few hours busy this afternoon and having more time to blog. That’s just not how things worked out. Instead, I spent most of the day being tortured (ie clothes shopping) and don’t have enough time to write what I originally planned. Such is life. I guess there is always tomorrow, or I sincerely hope so in any case. I hope you all ... Read More

National Blog Posting Month Quick Update

I’m making a conscious decision to keep this short and sweet. It’s Saturday, hockey is on (they are in second intermission right now), and I really just want to take a bit of time off and relax with Andrew and the pups. It’s been nice having a good reason to post everyday, even if there are days (like today), when it’s just random musings or quick updates. I have been struggling a bit these past few days, though, so I think taking the night and hitting ‘reset’ tomorrow may be ... Read More
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The Best iPad Pro Design Apps

One of the best creative decisions I ever made was purchasing my iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. It is fast, easy to use, and has made creating new digital illustrations for Color My Life so much easier. In fact, if I had one complaint, it’s that I don’t have more time to use it. So, today I wanted to share a few of my favorite design apps on the iPad Pro. These are all apps that I use on a regular basis and would highly recommend. This post is a ... Read More
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Seven On Seven

I am really worn out today. Yesterday’s post was a bit on the heavy side, so I thought I might lighten things up a bit. So, without further ado, here are the top 7 things that are on my mind tonight. #1: Job Opportunities I got an email this morning about a possible job. I had such a hard time responding, but I mustered up the courage and now have a meeting for an assessment and possible interview scheduled for next week. They asked for a few time/date options, so ... Read More