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It's nearly impossible to be productive when you feel overwhelmed. Time seems to simultaneously speed up and stop completely as you think you will never finish everything on your list, yet somehow the day will never end. You can't actually stop the clock, but fortunately for you, there are some things you can do to help ease your stress and increase your productivity. With a few simple tricks, you can learn how to be productive when you are overwhelmed. Read more at
Create your perfect productivity plan inspired by these popular tried-and-true productivity techniques and time management strategies. Read more at
Week 1 of my Summer of Code was a success! It included a great refresher of C#, Unity, and Visual Studio before moving into my first text-based C# game. Follow this and the rest of my game development journey at
Cloud Storage Battle Royale: OneDrive vs. Google Drive vs. iCloud vs. Dropbox. Which cloud storage service is right for you? Find out which is the best free, most affordable, most shareable, and biggest bang for your buck. Read more at
Join the Summer of Code 2019 challenge as I learn how to create 2D games using C# and Unity. Learn more at
It has been a little while since I posted any updates on my blog, so I thought I might take a minute to touch base and let you know what I’ve been up to. Read more at
December 2018 Goals - | It's the most wonderful time of the year - and that means things are about to get completely crazy. As I prepare for the end of the year and all that entails, here are a few of my most important goals for December.
The Create30 Challenge, November 2018 - It's almost time for the Create30 November 2018 creative challenge. If you are curious about getting started, here's a quick guide including some project ideas, tips to ensure your success, and how to share your work with others. Read more about it at