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New Challenges & Self-Care: August 2018

Can you believe it’s already almost August!? It seems like yesterday was May 1st, yet here we are, months later, and I have no idea where the time has gone. I guess it’s true that time flies when you’re having fun — and I’ve been having loads of fun these last few months!

As you might already know, my 100 Days of Code challenge is very quickly coming to an end. I plan to take on at least one more round of coding, but it’s likely that I will spend a bit less time on it each day this time around. I’ll be spending more time job searching, blogging, and getting back to business with Color My Life.

There are also a few new challenges that I’ll be starting within the next few weeks. I have had so much fun and success with my coding challenge that I decided to take on a few different things that are probably just as important.

#1. 100 Life Challenges

A few months ago, I was out shopping for dog food, coffee, and some household essentials when I stumbled across this book, ‘100 Life Challenges.’

At the time, I had just started my 100 Days of Code challenge and wasn’t really interested in taking anything else on. I’ve been trying to remind myself that there are only so many hours in a day and I wasn’t sure how much time something like this would take. Still, I was curious enough that I bought the book. Then I did exactly what I am supposed to do with a new project and shelved it for later.

Aren’t you proud?

Now that I am less than 20 days away from the end of the first round of 100 Days of Code, I started thinking about what I want to do next. So, I pulled the book back off the shelf and started reading some of the challenges. That’s when I realized a few things.

This isn’t your typical “100 Days” challenge.

Each challenge is designed to be completed once a day for 30 days. Because of this, it’s going to take a lot longer than 100 days to finish the entire book. It could take just a few months if I can do several at one time, or up to 8.2 years if I only manage to complete them one at a time without skipping any days in between. That means I have some flexibility in how much time I want to commit each month. Some months I may only do one or two, depending on what else I have going on.

These challenges are all designed to be all about self-care.

This book may be exactly what I need in my life right now. If you know me personally, you know this is something I could definitely use a bit more of. I have a tendency to wear myself thin, beat myself up, and not love myself nearly as much as I should.

Plus, my birthday is just a little over a month away, so this seems like a great time to treat myself. Some of these challenges are only going to take 5-10 minutes a day. That’s time well spent if it means I am taking better care of myself. So really, I don’t have much of an excuse not to do it.

I’m starting today… because why not?

Before I could talk myself out of it, I scheduled the first challenge for today. I’m going to start with just one challenge for now, but later on I will start other challenges as I see fit.

Challenge 1, Day 1: write down 3 things you are grateful for

This first challenge is meant to focus on gratitude.

Research has shown that regularly practicing gratitude can help you focus on the positive and step away from getting stuck in negative thought patterns.

With that said, I can already tell that I am going to have a hard time with this after the first couple of days. But for now, let’s just start with some of the easy answers that come to mind.

  1. I am grateful for my loving, supportive husband, who has stood by me and supported everything that I have been doing to try to better myself over these past 12 years. He doesn’t judge or ridicule me, even when I am deserving of both. For that, I will forever be thankful.
  2. I am grateful to have the opportunity to spend several hours practicing my coding every day so that I can work towards a career in web development. Tons of other people would kill to be in this position as their lives are far too busy and they work too much to be able to spend as much time on this as I have.
  3. I am grateful for my four adorable pups. Despite them all being seniors, ages 7, 7, 10, and 11 years old, they are still so animated. It makes me so happy every time Zoey does her little run trot to the back door, wagging her tail so hard she can barely walk straight. And when Lunchbox gophers for attention and Peanut slams her head down trying to crawl under the blanket, then immediately gives me a dirty look for not helping. And when Shadow puts his head out so I will scratch the sides of his face and right under his chin, then grunts and makes his Shadow noises because he likes it so much. I am so, so thankful.

It’s unlikely that I will dedicate a blog post to this challenge every single day.

I’m still blogging about my coding adventure and I also have some other content planned. However, if I don’t post specifically for the daily challenge, I will at least be sure to include it in another post or share a quick update on Twitter. Be sure to follow me there if you don’t want to miss an update!

#2. Getting Back On Track With My Health

Along with the mental aspects of self-care, I think it’s well past time that I start taking better care of my physical health as well. Because of this, Andrew and I will both be starting a 100 Days of Keto challenge soon. We started keto for close to a month last December and really felt so much better during that short time.

I’m not going to share all the details about that yet, but I promise to tell you more very soon. For now, just know that we plan to start in about a week or so.

#3. Being More Creative

I might be a bit of a nerd, but I also really love to get my hands dirty and be as creative as I can be. I love painting, sketching and creative writing. One of my favorite things, though, is actually digital illustrating and lettering.

I mean… this can’t be a surprise. Hello, Color My Life.

Unfortunately, one of the things that I haven’t done in these past few months is pretty much anything creative. Sure, I’ve done a bit of web design. That was fun, but I haven’t done a single lettering challenge or doodle or illustration in so long. The last thing I did was an illustration that was supposed to be put up for sale in early June. I never even finished it.

I’m not completely sure why I stopped. Maybe I just got too busy, but I know that, at the time, I was starting to feel like a creative fraud. Whatever the reasons, I pretty much abandoned Procreate for the past few months. I even wiped my iPad Pro and haven’t put all my brushes back on there. ** adding that to my to-do list **

If I’m going to focus on self-care and spending more time on myself then that has to include my hobbies and the things I am passionate about.

It’s time to start participating in some creative community challenges!

So, on August 1st, I am going to start participating in lettering challenges on Instagram again. I think I’ll start with ‘Rock Your Lettering’ and the ‘Happy Lettering Challenge’ on instagram. Follow me on instagram to see my submissions!

The Boho Berry Challenge

I’m also going to start the Boho Berry Challenge for August. This is more of a daily journal / writing prompt challenge with some social media aspects mixed in.

Guess what it’s about? Yep, self-care! Isn’t that a funny coincidence? I’ll be posting updates for that here on my blog as well as on Instagram.

Join Me!

I would love for you to join me this month as we focus on self-care and being more creative. If that’s something you’re interested in, send me a message on Twitter or leave a comment below.

I'm starting a new adventure with new challenges. I'll be journaling, creating, lettering, and focusing on self-care all month long. Come join me!

Let's chat!

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