Woahhhh, We’re Halfway There!

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Woahhhh, We’re Halfway There!

If that song is not stuck in your head now, I’m not so sure we can be friends. Just kidding! We can still be friends as long as you don’t mind my outdated music references.

It’s Wednesday. It’s raining. And my brain smells like bacon. Feels like bacon. Tastes like bacon? My brain is fried. So, how ’bout a few updates?

Reading: Glass Sword

I’m about halfway done listening to Glass Sword. It is taking me a lot longer than usual to get through the book because I have been incredibly busy this past week or so. Well, maybe not any busier than usual, but I’ve been working on more tasks that require me to concentrate as opposed to my normal routine that allows plenty of multitasking.

So far, it hasn’t been quite as good as the first book, but I am not sure if that’s because the content is lacking or if it’s because I haven’t been giving it enough attention. Hence my lack of reading other blog posts as well. sigh I’ve been missing my reading time.

Tomorrow I’ll be working on the 2018 planner design for Color My Life, so I should have much more time to listen. Then I guess we’ll see if I continue on to book 3 once this one is complete.

Regardless of whether or not I decide to read the next book, I know it’s going to be on hold for a while, so I have already queued up my next one. It’s The Breakdown by B.A. Paris. I haven’t read any of Paris’ other books, but this one came highly recommended and has decent reviews. If you’ve read it, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Ketogenic Diet

Andrew and I are planning on transitioning into the keto lifestyle in December. My brother recommended doing paleo a while back but I was being a bum and refused. Now, after talking with one of my friends who has had tremendous success with keto, as well as doing a significant amount of research on my own, we have decided to give it a go. I figure it can’t hurt. Even if we decide not to stick with it after a while, it should at least help us improve our eating habits and get on the right track.

I will post more on this once we actually get started.

For obvious reasons, this also means that any recipes that I share after December 1st will be keto. I’m looking forward to the challenge of transforming some of my favorites into keto-friendly dishes.

If you have any keto recipes you’d like to share, please send me the links!

Yeah, I know, I am asking for all sorts of help today. But, you know, bacon. At least it’s keto.

Mud Man

Mud Man is still missing. I am going to send a search party out this weekend (i.e. tear the entire house apart looking). I’ll let you know when I find him. I know some of you are deeply invested in this search. 🙂

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