Fall Essentials You Didn’t Know You Needed for 2017

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Fall Essentials You Didn’t Know You Needed for 2017
Fall has arrived! Get information on all your fall essentials for 2017 at blissfullemon.com/fall-essentials-2017

It’s finally September! You know what that means. In just 20 short days — that’s less then 3 full weeks! — fall will arrive!

If you haven’t already guessed from my excitement, I love fall. I’d even argue it’s the most wonderful time of year, despite what Andy Williams and countless other musicians have said. Fall is simply the best. Bring on the warm campfires, toasty s’mores, soft, warm blankets, pumpkin everything, the start of hockey season, beautiful fallen leaves… Seriously, do I need to go on?

As I do each year around this time, I have already begun creating my own personal autumn wish list. I cannot want to share it with you. The best part is everything here is under $50, so you won’t even break the bank.

I really raided Amazon for this one but it’s hands-down my favorite place to shop for everything. It’s my birthday in a few days, so that’s completely acceptable, right? Look what I found…

Fall has arrived! Get information on all your fall essentials for 2017 at blissfullemon.com/fall-essentials-2017

1 | Maple Leaf and Bicycle Rectangle Fall Throw Pillow Cover

I found so many adorable fall pillows and pillow covers, but I tried to narrow my choices down to a few of my favorites. This one tops the list. I love that woven linen look, and the simple, yet elegant fall colors and design is so pretty. Best of all, it’s not another pillow that I will have to find a home for once winter rolls around. I can remove the cover and store it with the rest of my fall decor. Then I can just replace the cover with something winter-themed. Talk about a space saver!

2 | Autumn Owl Wood and Burlap Rustic Hanging Welcome Sign

I have seen so many beautiful DIY fall welcome signs for your front door on Pinterest. For years, I have been telling myself not to buy a sign because I know I can just make one. Then I saw this cute little thing and decided I was done waiting. I spend so much time crafting, blogging, and creating for my blog and business, I just don’t have as much time as I would like to create things for myself. So, I am really excited that I found this. It’s super cute, creative, and affordable enough to justify buying it instead of trying to attempt to make something similar in another 5-10 years.

3 | ORIBE Lip Lust Crème Lipstick in Violet

I know what you’re thinking. PURPLE lipstick, really? I know it seems a little cliché, but there is something about the fall air that makes me want to be more daring and expressive with my lip color. Dark reds and purples are my favorite this time of year. This one is great because despite how dark it looks on the stick, it’s actually much more of a lighter, more saturated reddish purple color.

4 | Lucky Brand Turquoise Body Chain Necklace

I really can’t help but love the layered look and style of this necklace. It’s mostly silver, which I love, but those pops of gold and turquoise from the accents and stones are so pretty. I also love that the length is slightly adjustable so I can easily lengthen it and tuck it into my sweater when I go hiking. Can you tell how important practicality is to me in my fashion choices?

5 | Fall Tree Square Throw Pillow Cover

This is my second favorite of the pillow covers that I found. It’s a standard 18″ x 18″ size, so I know I won’t have any problem finding inserts for it. Like the first pillow, it has the same woven linen look to it, but I really like that this one is a little bolder and more colorful than the first. The clipart style leaves really pop and will likely be the first thing I see when I walk into my living room.

6 | Natural Filigree Leaf Pendant Necklace

I had no idea this was a real thing until I found it. Apparently, each necklace is completely unique because they are made from coating real leaves in metal. They are more fragile and delicate than the jewelry that I typically like to wear, but I don’t even care. It’s just too pretty, and it’s also cheap enough that if it breaks, I will not be too heartbroken when I replace it. Granted, I do hope to get at least a few years out of it first. It comes with really high ratings, so I don’t suspect that will be an issue.

7 | Global Win 16.5″ Boots

I am a sucker for cute boots, and this pair is no exception. I love that they have just that little bit of heel (around 1″), but they are comfortable and warm enough to do some light hiking while I look at fall foliage.

8 | Fossil Woven Leather Bracelet

I like to be active during the cooler months of fall. That means anything that I wear on my wrist has to be able to stand up to a little abuse without easily breaking. That’s what makes this bracelet so perfect. It is pretty but not dainty. This may have made the fall list, but I will definitely wear it year-round.

9 | Natural Filigree Leaf Earrings

Apparently leaves are just prettier when you cover them in molten metal. Eh. I don’t really mean that. But I do really love these earrings. They are made from the same company that makes the leaf pendant necklace, but they are coated in gold instead of whatever metals they used on the necklace. These will look great with either of the necklaces and  that Fossil bracelet.

10 | Napa Plush Cashmere Throw Blanket

Having a soft blanket to curl up with on the couch is an absolute must for the fall months. Whether it’s 80 degrees or 50 degrees out, I keep my windows wide open during the day. It helps air out those long, stuffy summer months. There’s just something about brisk air that is therapeutic. It’s almost as good as dipping your toes in the sand at the beach. The one thing I don’t love — being cold. So, instead of closing the window (like a normal person, I suppose), I find it’s best to crawl under a warm blanket and enjoy the cool air on my face.

11 | Pop Fashion Arrow Infinity Scarf with Pocket

After living in Georgia for so many years, my winter accessories stash was seriously lacking. Now that we have moved further north, I have realized that scarves are really my best friend in the cooler months. This one is great because it is lightweight enough that I will be able to wear it most of the day without feeling too warm, but it will be really helpful once the sun starts to set and the evening chill sets in.

12 | Fabuxry Shoulder Bag

This might not be everyone’s first choice for a purse, but it’s exactly what I am looking for this fall season. I’m not a bag person. I own a few, but I can’t really remember the last time I carried one out of the house. I generally get sick of lugging them around, especially the ones that are big enough to carry a small child. (No, I would never do that.) I’ve been looking for a new purse for a few months now. I wanted to find a smaller, functional messenger bag or purse that I might actually be able to carry without feeling like I need to lift weights more often — or, like, ever. This one fits the bill, and while I don’t know how exactly to describe that purple color, I really love it.

13 | Tom’s Desert Wedge

When I want to dress up a little, wedge booties are my go-to favorite for dressy shoes. I have to admit that anything is better than a stiletto to me, but these almost guarantee that I will be able to make it through the night without wanting to chop my own feet off. Almost. At least they are cute, so it will be worth it.

14 | Daily Shoes Military Style Lace Up Ankle Boots

Did I mention I love boots? So far I’ve added a pair of slightly dressy wedge booties and taller, more practical fall boots to my list. But if I am really wanting to get out and enjoy this lovely weather (and believe me, I am), I also need a pair of hiking boots that aren’t going to let me down. I promise I didn’t choose these because of the pocket, but it certainly doesn’t hurt.

15 | Levi’s 721 High Rise Skinny Jeans

I wear jeans year-round, but in the summer months, I tend to gravitate towards boot-cut or flare jeans. They are more comfortable with slip ons and tend to feel a bit cooler. In the fall and winter, skinny jeans are my go-to. It makes it much easier to pull my boots on and off, plus I don’t have to worry about my pant legs dragging in the water or snow. I’m 5′ tall, so things like that really matter. I also love that these have just a little bit of stretch, which will make them more flexible and comfortable than stiff, non-stretchy jeans.

16 | Casual Swing T-shirt Dress With Pockets from AUSELILY

This dress is so simple but amazing. Not only is it pretty, but it also has pockets. Granted, I really wouldn’t suggest anyone try to put too much in these pockets. I used to stuff all my hoodie pockets with ketchup packets in high school. Like, all the ketchup packets. I am sure if I did that with this dress, people would notice a bulge protruding from my side and start to ask questions. But still, pockets would be great for keeping a few bucks or my driver’s license easily accessible.

17 | Pumpkin Spice Throw Pillow Cover

Fall just isn’t fall without an unhealthy amount of pumpkin spice everything. Coffee. Donuts. Muffins. Decor. I used to be one of those people who got sick of all the hype over pumpkin spice, but these past few years I have really given in to it. And honestly? I’ve been pleasantly surprised. This pillow cover is a lot simpler than the other two, but that’s why it will look great on my bright orange couch. Errr, coral? My couch is coral, according to the manufacturer. (It’s orange).

18 | Colorful Cotton and Wool Socks from KEAZA

I. love. socks. Thick, fluffy socks are so comfortable, especially when you put them on right out of the dryer. These, in particular, made the list because I truly cannot get over how colorful and pretty they are! And I have no doubt that they will keep my feet warm and toasty.

19 | De’lanci Mineral Pressed Eyeshadow Palette, 5 Glitter and 5 Matte

Fall is the perfect season to mix up my makeup palettes and add a little extra sparkle and shine. This palette is perfect because it has a few lighter, more neutral tones for those days when I am not feeling particularly daring with my look or want my new violet lipstick to really pop.

20 | Lace Long Sleeve Tunic from Sanifer

I have to admit that I am usually more of a men’s t-shirt kind of gal. But that’s only because I find it infuriating that so many women’s shirts are sized for tiny women with small chests, neither of which apply to my body type. I can’t stand having to constantly pull my shirt down because it is riding up. Maybe that’s why I love fall clothing so much — I get to wear tunics! I love the simplicity of this one. It is soft and feminine, but perfectly fine for casual dress.

21 | Levaca Long Sleeve Button Cowl Neck Tunic

Last but not least, I fell in love with this cowl neck pocketed sweater as soon as I saw it. First, it has that soft gray-blue color, which is to die for. Second, any shirt with pockets is usually a good choice for me. Like I said, I don’t carry a purse very often, so pockets are a necessity. Finally, I love the little added decoration with the buttons around the neck and pockets. It’s that added touch that takes this shirt from being decent to being one of my favorites of the season.

I almost forgot to mention, almost everything is eligible for Amazon Prime. If you don’t have Prime, be sure to sign up for the 30-day free trial. It’s well worth it.

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