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December 2018 Goals - | It's the most wonderful time of the year - and that means things are about to get completely crazy. As I prepare for the end of the year and all that entails, here are a few of my most important goals for December.

I swear it has only been about a week since I posted the Create30 November prompts. Yet here we are, on the last day of November, and as usual I have no idea where the time has gone! This morning I found myself making a list of goals for next month, as I usually do at the end of each month. This time around, though, I decided to share them. After all, there’s nothing quite like a good dose of peer pressure to keep yourself accountable. 😉

1. Create30 December

Speaking of a good dose of peer pressure, as you probably already know, Create30 November was a huge success! I was pleasantly surprised that a few people actually joined in on Instagram and posted consistently throughout the month. I made a few new artsy pals and learned a ton in the process.

Because November has been so much fun, I decided to host another (much simpler) challenge for December. The premise is the same — letter, doodle, draw, paint, photograph, or do anything creative for 30 days. To keep things simple, I only made a single prompt list for the challenge.

Create30 December 2018 creative prompt list

I intend to do a mixture of doodling, lettering, and photography throughout the challenge, so I hope that others will feel encouraged to do the same.

2. Color My Life Planners

I’ve been working on new 2019 dated planners for Color My Life. I intend to have them posted in the Etsy shop and on the website early next week. I’m not sure I’m going to get a big variety of planners out this year as this was sort of a last minute decision. However, I absolutely love what I have done already!

Sorry, there’s no sneak preview yet. I don’t want to spoil the surprise.

3. Updating My Blog

As you may have noticed, my blog has once again gotten a bit of a makeover. I switched back to my very first theme after realizing that with all the plugins and garbage that my last several themes required, my website was so bloated and sluggish it was taking ages to load. That’s no fun for anyone. So I’m back to the magazine-esque style, and I have added a ton of black, like my soul. 😂 

My goal is to get through at least 30 recent posts and update them to take away all the shortcodes that are no longer relevant. It is going to take a while to do it all, but I think one a day is certainly manageable, even with everything else going on.

I’ve also been working on a new ‘About’ section that isn’t all vague and mysterious (and ridiculous) like my last one was. So, look forward to seeing that pop up in the next few weeks as well.

4. Focus on Marketing & Sales

I haven’t made this announcement publicly, but I am sure most of you have guessed that I have given up job searching for the time being. While money is still obviously a big issue, I haven’t had any success in finding anything in months. So, I’m going to focus exclusively on my business for now and resume job searching later on if I have to.

That means that if you’re following me on social media, be prepared for me to be a lot more active and at times sales-y as I try to continue to grow and expand my business. I can’t be so worried about annoying people or offending them by posting too much or self-promoting. As a business owner, I just can’t afford to think that way anymore. At least not if I want to be successful — and I do!

On that note, I would really appreciate it if you would help out as much as you are willing. Even if you aren’t interested in something I’m selling or promoting, please share, like, and comment. It is such a tremendous help and exposes my content to other people who might be interested.

5. Celebrate the Season

My last goal is likely going to be the most difficult one for me to manage. Some of you might know how depressing the month of December is for me. It has been 7 years now since Andrew and I experienced one of the most heartbreaking things anyone could ever go through. And while I can’t say I’ll ever be over it, I can say I think I am finally at a place mentally where I can handle it.

Yes, I know I am doing the whole “vague and mysterious” thing again, but I promise I’ll explain eventually (when I am ready to talk about it). 

In any case, I want this year to be different. My goal is to make the most of the holiday season. I want us to be super selfish and do only the things that will make us happy, whether that’s seeing Christmas lights, watching holiday movies, hiking in the snow, or whatever else we need to do enjoy ourselves instead of simply surviving.

Maybe we’ll finally make it up to the Cleveland Zoo or see the lights at Clifton Mills.

What plans and goals do you have for December?

December 2018 Goals - | It's the most wonderful time of the year - and that means things are about to get completely crazy. As I prepare for the end of the year and all that entails, here are a few of my most important goals for December.

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