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The Animalien Invaders game is almost complete! This week we added new paths, enemy waves, and a health and damage system so firing missles actually does something. Read more at

Despite having a few setbacks, the Animalien Invaders game is almost finished! Or, at the very least, the basic prototype that I’ve been creating over the past 3 weeks is almost finished. I probably won’t polish this one up for my portfolio, but I may end up stealing snippets for a different project. We’ll see after it’s all said and done.

This setback does not define me. But I might as well address it.

My time was a bit limited this week. I went to the ER because my anxiety had reached a breaking point. I was having panic attacks just about every day and did not like where my thoughts were beginning to go on a consistent basis.

After speaking with a psychiatrist at a different facility, they prescribed a temporary medication to help get me through until I can make an appointment with another doctor. It seems to be working pretty well so far. That’s the good news. The bad news is the medicine is essentially a sedative… So, I have been sleeping or in a tired fog most of the week.

I’ve said this before… things happen. And that’s okay. I did as much as I could in the time I had. That’s still more than I would have done if I hadn’t challenged myself to this Summer of Code adventure.

So, what exactly did I finish this week?

  • I created multiple paths for my enemies to follow, as well as a few more waves to make the game a little more interesting.
  • Each wave spawns multiple enemies using a coroutine based on the time between each enemy.
  • New waves start automatically using another coroutine to determine when the previous wave has finished and when to start the next.
  • Finally, the waves loop back to start all over again so just a few different waves can result in endless game play. This is accomplished by turning the Start method into its own coroutine. It uses a do…while loop to continuously loop through the other coroutines.
  • I added a new script, DamageDealer.cs, to set the damage for each enemy and trigger the visual effects when an enemy or the player is hit or destroyed. This is an important script as it is used by all projectiles, enemies, and the player.
  • The Enemy.cs script was finally added. It contains health information as well as the means to decrease the health when the enemy is hit with the player or a projectile.
  • I added 2D polygon colliders to each enemy prefab (there are 5 total).
  • A new Enemy.cs component was added to each enemy before adjusting the health for each.
  • The missile prefab collider was changed to a trigger so it decreases the health of each enemy at each collision.

There is only a little bit left to do!

Next week is my final week of Summer of Code 2019. As you can see, I did not complete the entire Udemy course as I had originally planned. I also didn’t make it to the last project that I had planned to do since this one took longer than anticipated.

Do I even need to say it? It’s all okay! I’m so happy with the progress that I have made over these past 7 weeks.

Next week I will finish this project off by adding a little more functionality and a few final touches. Then I’ll take a few weeks off to avoid burnout before returning for another code sprint in early October.

But this thing isn’t over yet. I’ll be back again next week to show you the final Animalien Invaders game, including the new scripts.

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The Animalien Invaders game is almost complete! This week we added new paths, enemy waves, and a health and damage system so firing missles actually does something. Read more at

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