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Hello, my new friend! I’m Aimie. I live in the suburbs of Chicago with my husband and our three senior pups. I love digital art, design, software / web / game development, TTRPGs, and everything Minecraft. I’m also a bit of a nerd, and I truly enjoy learning new things. I guess that is lucky for me because there always seems to be something new to learn in the IT and design fields.

I started Blissful Lemon back in 2017. At that time, I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted to write about, but my primary goal was to spread happiness. As someone who has lived with severe anxiety and depression for many years, I wanted a place to express myself and share the things that I have learned, and continue to learn, about how to create happiness and find our own little place in the world.

Since then, Blissful Lemon has turned into a bit of a passion blog. That is – I still want to spread happiness as much as possible, but I have also started focusing a lot more on the things that I’m passionate about. That includes art, crafts, cooking, technology, game / web / app development, blogging, and a plethora of other continuously changing topics.

Life isn’t always all rainbows and butterflies. But when you find things you’re passionate about, then find a way to share that passion with others, it makes the world feel like a better place. I’m not going to cure cancer or solve the problem of world hunger, but if I can make even the tiniest positive impact on others by sharing the things I love and helping someone else find things they love too, that’s really all I want. Well, a cure for cancer and solving world hunger would also be nice. Maybe that’s YOUR passion? 😉 If so, send me a message and let me know, because I really would love to learn more about the things you love, too!