32 Positive Affirmations For Creative Entrepreneurs

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32 Positive Affirmations For Creative Entrepreneurs
Running a business is hard work and the challenges can sometimes feel overwhelming. These positive affirmations are just what you need to get out of your slump and start making things happen in your business. Check out the post to download the images for free. You can put them on your wall, inside your favorite planner, or in a frame on your desk, so you can see them as often as possible. Read more at blissfullemon.com.

A few months ago, I began researching the power of positive affirmations for various things in my daily life. Things like happiness, self-confidence, and coping with depression. I have to admit that I was skeptical at first. It seemed almost too good to be true at first. Tell yourself you’ll be a millionaire by the age of 40 and eventually you start to believe it and through hard work and motivation that you might not otherwise have, you make it happen.

Well, I’m not 40, and I’m not a millionaire, so I can’t promise results like that actually exist. But what I can say is that the affirmations that I have used to help conquer my depression and anxiety have done wonders. I’m eating better, feeling better, and even leaving the house more than once a month, which is a remarkable improvement.

That led me to wonder if affirmations might also help my growing business. If you are a creative entrepreneur, like me, you know that running a business isn’t always rainbows and butterflies. Your business sometimes breaks your heart and leaves you feeling more stressed than you have ever felt in your life. Everyone tells you to “give it time” and “just keep hustling” but you’re still struggling. This is where the power of affirmations can make all the difference.

After considerable thought, I wrote down a list of 32 affirmations that I plan to use over time. They focus on everything from believing that you have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur (which, you do, just to be clear), to believing in the success and growth of yourself and your business.

Click the next page to view the full list. You can download the images to use as a background for your phone or computer, print and put on your desk, or put right into your planner so you see it every day. You can also share them on social media or send them to your friends or link-up groups. Just don’t sell them. To download, click the download link, right-click and click save, or click the download all the images at once via the free PDF download link.

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