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I have finished the last React and Redux challenges at Free Code Camp! Tomorrow I will be able to test my skills on the Front End Libraries projects.

Finishing Up With the React and Redux Challenges

I have finished all of the React and Redux challenges at Free Code Camp. While I am still not entirely sure I understand everything perfectly, I am eager to get started on the Front End Libraries projects.

As today is day 85, I am hoping that my remaining 15 days of this challenge are enough to get me through these five projects. If I am able to keep at a pace of roughly one project every 3 days, I should be in the clear.

See, mom? Math camp did pay off! 

I’m kidding. I never went to math camp, but I probably would have loved it.

Moving Into The Front End Libraries Projects

Part of me is nervous to start on these projects, but I also think React and Redux might be two of those things that I can truly only learn by putting together actual projects. The basic examples were, at times, too basic and failed to really connect the dots in my mind.

I’m not saying these are bad tutorials / challenges, but I am saying that they are confusing for someone like me who really needs to see the bigger picture to understand.

To be honest, the entire time I was completing the messages app from the challenges, I was thinking, “this seems really complicated for something that can be done with an array and about 15 lines of vanilla JavaScript and HTML.”


Just to clarify, I understand the purpose of using React and Redux. I only mean to say that their power is lost on such a simple application that didn’t actually need either.

My point is, I will probably be a lot better off once I start working on projects that are a bit bigger than this little message application that we built throughout the challenges. I think the increased complexity will actually help me to see the bigger picture. At least that’s what I am hoping.

Changes To My Site and Published Posts

Unless you’re a WordPress blogger, you probably don’t know that they have been working on a new editor called Gutenberg. 

Now, this doesn’t really mean too much for most people. In fact, it will probably be a good thing as it will allow people that a bit less tech-savvy to be able to easily customize their content.

Who this big update is ultimately going to affect are people like me, who have been using page builders (WPBakery, in my case) to add custom elements into my page. Elements like that nifty little progress bar that you might notice is now missing from this page.

Page builders still work with the classic editor, but once you switch to Gutenberg, there is no way to get to those elements. At least not yet.

So, I’ve decided since this big switch is coming fairly soon, I might as well download the test plugin and start using it from here on out.

If you go to one of my older posts and pages, you might occasionally see things not looking quite the way they should. That’s because I am also going to start slowly editing all of my existing content to a more Gutenberg-friendly format.

That’s all. It’s not really a big deal, but I wanted to let you know what was going on.

Edit: you can pretty much ignore that last little bit. I had planned to switch to Gutenberg but within minutes of using it, I discovered two bugs that make it completely unusable for the time being.  With that said, I am still going to begin cleaning up my posts so when I do have to make the switch, it will be a much smoother transition.

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