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I hit a bit of a snag in learning Redux with the Free Code Camp challenges. So now I am taking a step back to begin a Redux course at Lynda.com and will supplement that with additional reading.

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Now you’ve learned all the core principles of Redux! You’ve seen how to create actions and action creators, create a Redux store, dispatch your actions against the store, and design state updates with pure reducers. You’ve even seen how to manage complex state with reducer composition and handle asynchronous actions. These examples are simplistic, but these concepts are the core principles of Redux. If you understand them well, you’re ready to start building your own Redux app.

Ummm… Uh oh?

My exploration of Redux continued today. I started out with the Free Code Camp challenges, intending to finish them since there aren’t many left in this section.

Plus, I thought I was getting it and they wouldn’t be too difficult to finish. That is, until I got down to the “bringing it all together” challenge. I’m fairly certain this challenge was meant to be extremely simple and easy, but it wasn’t for me. That’s how I realized I still have a long way to go before truly understanding Redux. Honestly, I expected as much. I said yesterday that I felt like there were still a lot of holes, and that didn’t change overnight.

Now I have started reading the documentation and plan to start one of the Lynda.com courses tomorrow. That really helped with learning React, so I am sure it will help with Redux as well.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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