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Today marks the last day of my first full week of 100 Days of Code. It's also the final day of the MysticMail mobile app landing page!

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Goals For Today:

  • Finish the MysticMail app landing page
  • Add the new landing page to my portfolio

The Good:

Today is officially the last day of my first full week of 100 Days of Code. PLUS it’s also the last day of the MysticMail app landing page project!

MysticMail App Landing Page

It’s official folks, the MysticMail App Landing Page is now part of my growing portfolio!

The Bad:

I had some other things I really needed to get done today, but I had to spend a lot more time than I originally anticipated getting this project up in my portfolio. The issue wasn’t the project itself but rather a bug that I encountered with my WordPress theme where it temporarily deleted my portfolio and other projects. I got it back, though, so that’s the important thing.


Today was all about getting content into the feature cards, adding some last-minute CSS customization (like the menu bar) and fixing anything I found that needed fixin’. After I pushed the last changes to GitHub, I found a few more things that I would normally like to fix. You might find them too if you look closely enough.

I’m a perfectionist. It affects every part of what I do. If I see something that isn’t quite right, it pains me to leave it alone. So, then, why am I painstakingly choosing to ignore the issues that I have found? Simply put, it’s time to move on. I could spend another four months on this project and still think of things to add or change, but at a certain point, I need to learn to just throw in the towel and let things be.

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