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Today has been a bit of an adventure. I felt like Goldilocks as I bounced from React course to React course, trying to find one that was the right fit for me.

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I started out with a React course from Lynda.com that, at first glance, seemed promising. It was one of the worst courses I’ve ever tried to follow. In retrospect, I should have known better. A few days ago, I started another React course from the same instructor and stopped about 30% of the way through because I felt like it was a lot of “Type this. Okay, good. Now type this.” rather than providing any real explanation as to why I was typing what I was typing, what it was intended to do, and perhaps what some issues might be if the code didn’t work as planned.

It was presented in a way that made me believe maybe I was supposed to already have a basic understanding of React prior to taking the course, so I thought I might try another one. I was hesitant when I noticed it was the same instructor, but I figured I’d give it a shot anyway. Maybe this one would be different. Nope. After wasting at least an hour, I just couldn’t take it anymore.

I’ve had at least 28 years of typing practice already, I don’t need another 3 hours of the same without learning anything new.

I tried watching some YouTube videos but kept running into mostly the same problem.

I think the issue is that sometimes people don’t realize things aren’t as simple as their minds make them seem. Once you’ve been working with something for a long time, it is second nature to just boopity-boop here and boopity-boop there, and you don’t even have to question what you are doing or why. It’s just how you do it, no explanation necessary.

…Unless you’re just starting out and trying to learn from all that boopity-boop, in which case an explanation is not required but is certainly helpful.

It’s like trying to learn how to bake. Sure you’ll learn the basics by watching someone else, but you’ll learn even more if they explain to you WHY they are using egg whites instead of whole eggs.

Sorry for that little tangent.

There is some good news… I think I’ve finally found a course that is being taught in a way that I actually understand. I just finished the first section and it was a very thorough explanation of what React is used for, how it can be used and integrated into new applications or existing code, and some of the jargon used by React developers. The other courses were either missing this entirely or brushed over it so quickly it was practically nonexistent.

** …Gotta get to the boopity-boops! **

I’m taking a ton of notes and doing additional research as needed, but I should be able to finish this course either tomorrow or Friday (most likely Friday). Then I can get back to the Free Code Camp section and finish that up as well.

Can you believe I only have a month left of round 1?

So. Much. Anxiety.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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