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I've finished up my exploration of ES6 (again), learned a ton about NPM, and have begun working on a new React course.

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JavaScript ES6

I have completed another Lynda.com course, “Learning ECMAScript 6“, which included a ton of new ES6 information that I hadn’t yet explored.

For starters, I spent a bit of time learning about some of the asynchronous built-in objects, methods, functions, and features of JavaScript ES6, including Promise objects, the setTimeout() method, fetch functions, async and delay functions, and the await keyword.

I learned a bit about exception handling using try… catch statements in JavaScript. This isn’t ES6 exclusive but really hadn’t been discussed much in the other classes or reading that I’ve done. I have used exception handling in the past with other programming languages including Java and .Net, so it’s really nothing new. But it’s nice to finally put it to use in JavaScript as well.

Finally, I was able to review ES6 classes and some of the object-oriented features supported by JavaScript, including inheritance and encapsulation.

Node Package Manager

I wanted to get back into React by starting on another Lynda.com course, “React.js Essential Training”, because I thought it might be easier for me to go through this before the Free Code Camp challenges. However, I was advised to learn about NPM, or the Node Package Manager, before continuing with the course. Rather than spending another 2-3 days learning something else entirely, I found an NPM crash course on YouTube to familiarize myself with the concepts before continuing.

I have to admit that this is one of the best “crash course” style videos I’ve ever seen. I’m sure there is still a lot to be learned about NPM but Brad Traversy did an excellent job of explaining the basics so I can at least get started and feel confident in continuing with this React course.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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