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It's Friday! I'm excited for the start of the weekend but even more excited to be halfway finished with these algorithm scripting challenges in JavaScript.

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Keeping It Brief…

Today’s update is going to be fairly short. I just wanted to post a quick update before Andrew gets home as I intend to spend the rest of my evening hanging out and spending time with him.

Intermediate Algorithms

I’m making good progress on these JavaScript algorithms. I had unrealistically hoped to finish today. Although that’s not the case, I am satisfied with what I was able to accomplish. I made it through 6 challenges, used some Array and String methods that I’d never tried before, and have been putting all my notes to good use.

Tomorrow I will work on my coding for 1-2 hours and try to get through a few more. I’ll do a bit more Sunday morning. If all goes as planned, I’ll be able to finish up Monday morning so I can get back over to the ES6 challenges before finally starting on the big projects. I think these algorithm challenges are really helping to prepare me for what comes next, so I want to take my time and be sure that I understand everything that I am doing instead of rushing through.

Stay Safe

In many areas around the US, 4th of July festivities are beginning this weekend. I want to remind you all to please be mindful of your neighbors. Don’t shoot fireworks into their yard, please.

Ok, that message might have been to my neighbor, who will probably never see it, but oh well.

Be safe out there. Don’t drink and drive. Call a cab or a friend or an uber. If you want to be reckless, there are plenty of ways of doing it without endangering others.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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