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I've finally finished the functional programming challenges and have moved on to intermediate algorithm scripting with JavaScript.

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Functional Programming

I finally did it! I completed the functional programming section, despite not thinking I would make it through yet again. I got started at around 6:30 this morning, took a break for 90 minutes at 10 am, did a bit more, took another 30-minute break, and finally finished this afternoon around 1:30.

I’m actually impressed with myself for getting through all those challenges. I had trouble with a few of them and ended up doing a lot of additional research, reading tons of examples and information in the Mozilla developers documentation, and watching several videos on YouTube to supplement the content from Free Code Camp.

If you’re trying to figure out higher order functions in JavaScript, this is my favorite video that I found. It’s a little longer than 30 minutes but well worth your time.

And if you’re not trying to learn about higher order functions and maybe you just want to get an idea about what kind of stuff I am learning right now (yeah, you), this next video just covers one of the higher order functions – Array.prototype.map – that I’ve been working with.

Virginia On My Mind

I took a break at 10 am so I could call my mom in Virginia (around 7 hours away) and chat it up for an hour. I always love talking to her but honestly hate calling because it makes me miss her that much more. I wish I could go visit again, but I know it will be a while before we can afford to go back down there. If it weren’t for the dogs, we’d probably go every few months. But they need special care and that gets expensive quick. Just look at what happened the last time we went down there in April.

Maybe I’ll start a crowdfunding campaign so I can go see my mom. Or sell my ovaries. It’s not like I need them. 😂

Rose Music Center

Three years ago, my town finally finished construction on a massive outdoor music amphitheater, of which Andrew and I have yet to actually see the inside. That’s going to change tonight!

Because we are awesome tax-paying citizens, the town has decided to give us free tickets to a show tonight. So, we’re going to see Kenny G and The Tenors because why would we not?! Seriously, it’s Kenny G! The man’s a legend.


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