100 Days of Code: Day 44

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It's day 44 of my 100 Days of Code challenge! It's also day 2 of working on my website and portfolio instead of JavaScript.

As predicted, today is going to be another quick update as there is not much to share. I finished my Days of Code page, which now houses the details, blog posts, and related portfolio items for this challenge. Since I plan to continue even after round 1, I thought this would be a good idea so everything stays in more of a centralized location.

I also finally started on my resume, did a lot of tinkering with my CSS, fixed some issues I found in my last review, and got started on a few other pages.

Needless to say, I’ve been busy. There’s still a lot left to do, but I like tackling it in small chunks. Tomorrow I’ll be back to my normal coding schedule and pick up where I left off with JavaScript. The “break” has been nice but I am ready to get back to it.

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