Blissful Lemon will be back in a few months

I’ll Be Back…

This year may be off to a rocky start, but let me first start by saying it’s not all bad. As most of you know, I started job searching back in November. Unfortunately, I am […]

My Story

The First Day of Blogmas

December is finally here, and with it, the Blogmas and Christmas season is upon us! If you read my post back in early-ish November, you know that Christmas isn’t particularly my favorite time of the […]

Random Musings

Sorry, Not Sorry

I was on Twitter a few weeks ago and I saw someone make a comment along the lines of, “Stop saying sorry IF I offended you and try saying sorry THAT I offended you.” While […]


Sailing Away

I really like the idea of doing a “Wordless Wednesday” post, as inspired by Mind Over Meta. I’m constantly taking pictures and not sharing them with anyone, so maybe this will be a good way to […]

Life & Happiness

The Definition of Success

How do you define success? I’ve been doing a bit of interview prepping lately, and this is a question that I keep seeing – and almost immediately stumbling on in my mind. I used to […]

Life & Happiness

Myths About Depression

A few days ago, Depression Army tweeted to all their followers, “The biggest myth about depression is _.” :The biggest myth about depression is __________. — Depression Army™ (@depressionarmy) November 16, 2017 I replied as […]


Not Today…

There are literally about 150 different things that I want to talk about… but not today. I’ve been beyond depressed. Because of this, I have to call it like it is – I’ve failed NaBloPoMo […]