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The First Day of Blogmas

December is finally here, and with it, the Blogmas and Christmas season is upon us! If you read my post back in early-ish November, you know that Christmas isn’t particularly my favorite time of the year. While I have fond memories of it as a child, as an adult the month has turned into a rather painful one. But this year I am trying something different. Instead of getting all bummed out about Christmas and my imaginary/invisible children (yeah, that’s a thing… just go with it) I have decided to ... Read More

Blogmas: Naughty or Nice Link Up

Blogmas is a time for bloggers to unite in celebration of the holiday season. For 25 straight days, you are challenged to deck your blogs with a new and unique Christmas-related blog post each and every day. This seems simple enough, but for some of us (like me) who struggle with enjoying the Christmas season, Blogmas seems like a daunting task. How on earth am I going to pretend to be jolly for 25 consecutive days? Well folks, you don’t have to here. I’m hosting a brand new Blogmas: Naughty ... Read More
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Sorry, Not Sorry

I was on Twitter a few weeks ago and I saw someone make a comment along the lines of, “Stop saying sorry IF I offended you and try saying sorry THAT I offended you.” While I admit I completely understand where they are coming from, it does raise an important question – what if I’m really just not sorry? If I’ve done something wrong, I’ll be the first to apologize. And while I don’t go out of my way to offend people (I really try not to as much as ... Read More

Sailing Away

I really like the idea of doing a “Wordless Wednesday” post, as inspired by Mind Over Meta. I’m constantly taking pictures and not sharing them with anyone, so maybe this will be a good way to show off some of the things I love. I’ve been thinking about vacations a lot lately. This is a sailboat that we passed when Andrew and I were in San Diego years ago. It was one of our favorite vacation spots and we would both love to go back. Also… sailing is absolutely on my ... Read More
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The Definition of Success

How do you define success? I’ve been doing a bit of interview prepping lately, and this is a question that I keep seeing – and almost immediately stumbling on in my mind. I used to think that to be successful meant that you had to be unmistakably perfect in your ventures. You had to meticulously outline the best route to the finish line, then follow that route without deviation. Every piece of the plan, no matter how small, had to work flawlessly together toward completing the final objective. And nothing ... Read More
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Myths About Depression

A few days ago, Depression Army tweeted to all their followers, “The biggest myth about depression is _.” :The biggest myth about depression is __________. — Depression Army™ (@depressionarmy) November 16, 2017 I replied as soon as I saw the tweet, but afterwards I began reading through some of the other comments and the answers were all too familiar. That you are just a little sad and it will all go away if you just try to be happy. — Aimie 🍋🍁 🦊 (@ablissfullemon) November 16, 2017 71 likes, 11 ... Read More

Not Today…

There are literally about 150 different things that I want to talk about… but not today. I’ve been beyond depressed. Because of this, I have to call it like it is – I’ve failed NaBloPoMo today. Actually, you can argue that I’ve failed the entire week. Depression doesn’t care about my schedule or my plans. I’ll try again tomorrow. That’s all I can promise for now. ... Read More
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More Randomness For A Weird Friday

Today has been a weird one. I’ve been getting these nasty headaches every afternoon for the past week, so I ended up taking a PM pain pill cocktail last night. Thus, today I slept in until almost 11, which is just crazy late. Andrew took the day off, so we have been out and about. I chopped all my hair off, and now we are watching the hockey game. I know it’s Friday, but it feels like Saturday. I keep feeling guilty about wasting my entire Saturday and not getting ... Read More

Woahhhh, We’re Halfway There!

If that song is not stuck in your head now, I’m not so sure we can be friends. Just kidding! We can still be friends as long as you don’t mind my outdated music references. It’s Wednesday. It’s raining. And my brain smells like bacon. Feels like bacon. Tastes like bacon? My brain is fried. So, how ’bout a few updates? Reading: Glass Sword I’m about halfway done listening to Glass Sword. It is taking me a lot longer than usual to get through the book because I have been ... Read More