Blissful Lemon

This is a month-long link party. It starts at 3 PM EST on October 31, 2017 and ends at 4 am on December 1, 2017. This should give everyone enough time to get in all 30 posts, no matter where you live.

Getting Started

If you haven’t already joined, do that here. All you have to do is submit your blog link and name. You don’t have to have a self-hosted blog to participate — WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, or any other free blogs are perfectly acceptable. I will do a quick check of your blog before I allow it to be added to the list, so don’t worry if it doesn’t show up right away.

Read the rules below and make sure you understand what is expected before we begin. You should also check out my post on preparing for NaBloPoMo.

Also check out my newest post – 50 Blog Post Ideas – if you are unsure what to write about over the next 30 days.

Rules For Participating

The rules are simple.

1. Please keep the content somewhere around a PG-13 rating. I don’t mind a bit of profanity, and somewhat inappropriate comments are fine (as long as you aren’t being racist or a bully). However, NO ONE wants to see nipples or your d*** pics. Post that somewhere else, far far away.

2. The point of NaBloPoMo is to post at least once every single day. That doesn’t mean you have to come here and link once every single day. If you prefer to share multiple links at one time, that’s fine, but DO NOT spam with the same link every single day. That’s a great way to discourage everyone from reading your content.

Add your blog post links here. This part isn’t required, but it will really help us to find your newest posts and see how you’re doing throughout the month.

3. There are no set rules for checking others’ links, commenting, or anything like that. However, just remember that if you decide to drop your link and run away, you may end up burning some bridges in the process. This is about blogging, networking, learning a thing or two, and building a community. So interact and be involved as much as possible.

4. Grab the link party image and add it to your blog. Be sure to link back to this page. The image isn’t a requirement, but it will let other bloggers and your readers know that you are participating in NaBloPoMo this year, so they should come back and visit daily.

5. Last but not least, have fun. This isn’t about perfection or pushing yourself beyond your limits. It’s not a job or a chore or anything that you should feel forced into doing. Do your best, enjoy yourself, and – as always – create your own happiness. 😉

Follow Me On Twitter!

I encourage you all to reach out and follow me on Twitter. I’ll be chatting it up and sharing some of my favorite posts throughout the month. I’m also on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, etc. but I’m the most active on Twitter. Feel free to tag me throughout the month and be sure to use the hashtag #NaBloPoMo2017.

I am so excited for National Blog Posting Month this year, and I hope you are too!